Loicq: Du lait, on en fait tout un fromage

We take milk and turn it into cheese

Every cheese from the Fromagerie Biologique de Vielsalm has a history and roots in the Ardennes region. It also reflects the aspiration of its creators, with a touch of eminent master cheesemaker Alain Vedrines: In a word, everything needed to meet the expectations of lovers of authentic flavours, and to enhance the fresh product sections of distribution and wholesalers.

Our Campagnard range includes not only a particularly delicious “Platteland Kaas” (country cheese), but also a range of thermised cow’s or goat’s milk cheeses (in creamy variety, cream spreads, with ham), Danish blue, and Chester with cow’s milk (including a cheese without lactose), or specific packaging in croquettes (organic and non-organic cheese), perfect for tastings in catering outlets, for instance.
We are thus creating cheeses for all occasions:  aperitifs (to be enjoyed with a good beer or a generous wine), for picnics on the run, for more elaborate preparation, or a gourmet tasting for initiates. Our extensive, highly varied range can meet the wishes of a discriminating clientele in search of inspiration.

It will delight lovers of cheeses with rind, hard or soft cheeses, or the subtle flavour of our goat’s cheeses, one of our main creations, always in accordance with the tradition of our region.
We offer distributors and wholesalers a wide choice of flavourful cheeses, with organic and local certification, of course, to enhance the variety of fresh food sections and the pleasure of consumers.


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