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Loicq servicesThe Fromagerie biologique de Vielsalm is also the story of the Loicq family, one of the great names in the cheese-making sector in Belgium and in Europe. It was back in 1989 that Roger Loicq acquired the old Vielsalm dairy to turn it into the flagship of local products and to create authentic, tasty cheeses.

He made sizeable investments in cutting-edge equipment for production, ripening and packaging, according to rigorous specifications and inspections.

With the help of his son Didier, Roger Loicq has emerged as one of the pioneers in the production of organic cheese in Belgium, in what is now called the Fromagerie Biologique de Vielsalm. The family moreover aspires to capitalise on these innovations in order to develop authentic cheeses that reflect a proud local tradition, and to produce customised cheeses for mass distribution or partner wholesalers, keen to diversify in quality and organic products.

Loicq services 2Today, Thibault and Amaury Loicq, Didier’s children, are also taking an active part in the development of the artisan dairy, for production and the promotion of the Fromagerie Biologique de Vielsalm, teeming with new ideas  that chime perfectly with their father’s and grandfather’s DNA;  a family passion for food, trade and the entrepreneurial spirit.

The new generation is bringing its thirst for innovation, creativity and quality, and a determination for broader dissemination that goes beyond borders… The taste of natural, flavourful products is handed down, shared and disseminated from generation to generation!

Becoming a partner of the Fromagerie biologique de Vielsalm is therefore a wager for success, as much as a guarantee of being able to distribute selective products that are unique in taste and authenticity and made according to the strictest quality criteria. We can also develop specific cheese products for you, always guaranteed by our expertise, our family passion for three generations, and excellence in cheese products.

The Fromagerie biologique de Vielsalm stands guarantee for rigour and consumer concerns thanks to experience of long standing,  as well as for an association of trust with one of the best references in the food world in Belgium.

Discover our creations, and ask us to create for you!


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