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It’s just a small step from the ripening shelves to your basket !

Our dairy does more than just produce the best organic and traditional cheeses and distribute them in Belgium and abroad. Every lover of organic, authentic and quality regional cheese can come and get provisions directly from our production centres.

In Vielsalm (Fromagerie Biologique de Vielsalm) or in  Nivelles (Fromagerie ChèvrArdennes), a Cheese Store awaits you with all our lines of cheeses made with knowledge “from our parts” :  all our fresh, soft or hard cheeses, from cows or goats, prepared and ripened under optimal conditions, using milk from the Ardennes scrupulously selected for its quality.

Come and stock up on cheese freshness and flavour, whilst enjoying the fine smell of cheeses ever so near the production area, in our factory shop, and get advice from our specialists, for tastings or for the concocting of recipes.

Open on Tuesday and Thursday, from 10:00 Am to 14:30 noon, our cheese store has something for every taste.

Cheese store - Nivelles

Cheese store - Nivelles

Open every day from 9.00 to 12.00 and from 13.00 to 18.00

Rue du commerce, 17 - 1400 Nivelles

Cheese store - Vielsalm

Cheese store - Vielsalm

Open on tuesday and thursday from 10.00 to 14.30

Rue du Vivier, Rencheux 63 - Vielsalm 6690

Magasin Fromagerie Nivelles 1
Magasin Fromagerie Nivelles 2
Magasin Fromagerie Nivelles 3
Magasin Fromagerie Nivelles 4
Magasin Fromagerie Nivelles 5
Magasin Fromagerie Nivelles 6


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