Loicq, un gage de vision commerciale, d’esprit de famille, de qualité

Develop your vegan business

Loicq: Expertise in plant-based alternatives

Loicq.be is now developing vegetable alternatives to cheese, meat, fish, eggs and dairy products in order to meet the demand from consumers concerned about a more responsible and sustainable diet.

We rely on our scientific research teams to develop vegan products with a unique taste. Our Vébio cheese is a case in point, as it offers all the pleasures of a good, spreadable cheese in a 100% plant-based version.

Responsible local quality products

Zero animal products, zero additives and zero preservatives. An authentic family run artisanal company, Loicq.be deploys all its nutritional know-how to concoct plant-based alternatives made exclusive of organic ingredients from mainly local suppliers – ideal for tasty, gourmet and 100% vegan products.

Develop your vegan business with Loicq

Are you looking for a partner to develop a plant-based alternative to your products or to create a new range of vegan products on demand? Contact us: we will be delighted to show you all your possibilities.


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