Loicq chevrardennes

Chevrardennes, organic goat cheese

ChèvrArdennes goat cheeses all have a real goat taste, without being too strong! Delighting the most delicate palates. All this, and also in an organic line. This is an essential aspect for ChèvrArdennes, the leading producer of goat cheeses in Belgium, which has been operating in the very heart of Ardennes’ nature for 35 years.

And for goat cheeses with flavours that can be recognized out of a thousand, with a strong and unique personality, nothing beats the milk of goats that graze the Ardennes meadows of Belgium where the best grassland varieties grow. This is what gives them their quality and incomparable flavours.
With a mould rind, hard cheese or cheese spread fondant, discover a range of ChèvrArdennes organic cheeses in several remarkable variations, inspired by our specialists and a grain of salt from renowned master cheesemaker Alain Vedrines.

Chevrardennes Bio Rondin 1kg Affine
Chevrardennes Bio Rondin 1kg Frais
Chevrardennes Bio Rondin 500gr
Chevrardennes Bio Tartinable Nature
Chevrardennes Bio Tartinable Miel
Chevrardennes Bio Fondu 150gr
Chevrardennes Bio Bastognette
Chevrardennes Bio Fines Herbes



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