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CAMPAGNARD, Belgian and organic cheese heritage!

LE CAMPAGNARD, patrimoine fromager belge et bio !

Belgium is a land of contrasts, and CAMPAGNARD, a pure tradition organic “Plattelandkaas” (country cheese) reflects our national character. Inspired by a Belgian recipe, it is made here amidst the undulating landscapes in the heart of the Ardennes at the Fromagerie Biologique de Vielsalm, to give CAMPAGNARD a distinctively national quality; our taste of authentic flavours!

Made from organic cow’s milk, its typical country character comes perfectly into its own in croque-monsieur and omelettes and will grace your aperitifs.
Featured for tasting in your food sections, it is bound to be a resounding hit!!

Then there are the many perfect variations under the CAMPAGNARD name: cheese spreads, cheese croquettes for starters or in catering outlets, thermised milk cheeses, for sauces and gratins.



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