Loicq, un gage de vision commerciale, d’esprit de famille, de qualité

Loicq, a pledge for a commercial vision, family spirit and quality

The name Loicq is certainly not unkown to the food distribution world. The commercial success as much as the entrepreneurial vision of Roger and then Didier Loicq and his sons are synonymous with reliability and dependability for the products at the Fromagerie biologique de Vielsam [Vielsalm organic dairy].

Stemming from Halle, Roger’s family are active in the import of products, particularly coffee, from the former Belgian colonies. Roger Loicq was thus cradled in an environment conducive to a career in trade and nutrition. He embarked rapidly in dairy products with brio. He worked for the wholesaler who, under his impetus, acquired three dairy depots in Liège, Charleroi and Brussels, then merged them and headquartered them in Lillois.

But Roger Loicq was a born entrepreneur. He left his job and acquired in quick succession Dejaiffe-Dubois, a company specialised in dairy products, then the company of his former employer De Keyser. He created La Vache Bleue, which, with his acumen for innovation and trade, became the leading wholesale dairy concern in Belgium at the end of the 1980s.

In 1990, anticipating the removal of European borders, Roger Loicq and his son Didier, supplemented their distribution activity with production, by acquiring ChèvrArdennes, a pioneering dairy in goat’s cheese in Belgium, then Le Campagnard in Nivelles, a company specialising in ultra fresh cheese.

At the same time, the Loicq family embarked on a new challenge by developing Mama Lucia in Nivelles, a cutting edge company of cheeses for the production of fresh lasagne and pizzas – a wager that paid off, as the plant was acquired by the Italian giant Rana.

The other flagship of the Loicq family, La Vache Bleue, was acquired by the Finnish group Valio in 2000.  But with his sense for opportunity, Didier ventured to expand organic products and acquired the Fromagerie de Vielsalm, which he has now turned, with the help of his sons, into a symbol of success for organic and traditional cheeses.


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