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Bande de FéLait, from the flavour of milk to that of a good organic cheese… Walloon, naturally !

The Bande de FéLait, is the well known magical product in the cartons of milk from our region, and a fine success for our farmers (*).  Associated with the Fromagerie Biologique de Vielsalm, the Bande de FéLait is today synonymous with a delicious traditional organic hard cheese, concurrently delicate and rustic, best enjoyed on a slice of bread, in a toasted ham and cheese sandwich, or as in aperitif cubes for a festive event.

With this flavourful combination, the Bande de FéLait and the Fromagerie Biologique de Vielsalm guarantee a real tasting event for ever occasion. The Bande de FéLait cheese draws its quality from an authentic organic product, made from the best milk of cows in the Ardennes and with respect for tradition: sheer delight!

(*)Bande de FéLait products are labelled by the APAQ-W.

Fe Lait - Cubes
Fe Lait - Tranches


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